Sandali Tipici

Our sandals are the result of PASSION, CREATIVITY and TRADITION.

We use only the finest leathers and accessories to realise our sandals, from the traditional to the most modern styles. Quality, care of details and customed service make our sandals unmistakable: for this reason, Sandali Tipici has been prized among the most famous atelier of sandals.

What is our secret? It's simple, it's quality.

We care about your desire to wear comfort, quality, tradition and Italian style, and above all, we care about you. Our expertise and the variety of styles are at your complete disposal so that you play a key role in the creative process.

It's you, your unique tastes and personality that create your own made to measure sandals by choosing among the wide variety of heels colors, leathers, styles..

It takes just a few minutes and Alfonso & his son Gerardo will create your sandals, made to measure exclusively for you.

At Sandali Tipici you are the real protagonists


Our secret is simple: quality.

Craftsmanship is the quality that comes from creating modern and traditional sandles with passion, care, and attention to detail. It is a quality that is honed, refined, and practiced by using exclusively natural furnitures such as leather.

Sandali Tipici is the unmistakable brand of comfortable, built-to-last sandles where you are the protagonist of the creative process. You choose the heel, the style and the colour of the sandals that best suit your tastes and needs. Our experience is at your service to realise the sandals made to measure for your feet.

Carring on a Family Tradition

Did you know that first and oldest type of footwear in the world is the sandal? The son of a leather master, Alfonso Dattilo has been realising in Maiori traditional sandals for more than 40 years providing the basis for Sandali Tipici success' story.

The firm's t's 3rd generation, Gerardo inherited from his father the same commitment and enthusiasm.

Have a taste of the latest collections in their factory and creative laboratory.

Women's Collection

A chic and refined women’s footwear collection that will enhance your look, giving a touch of fashion and uniqueness to your daily style.

Men's Collection

The collection of men’s sandals and shoes by Sandali Tipici is the perfect combination of comfort and style: a daily and trendy collection reflecting the rules of the best Italian style as well as the high quality of raw materials.

Children's Collection

Sandali Tipici also produced a junior footwear collection, with a unique design, that harmonize the need of high quality material and the attention to safety.

Positano Classics

It represents the collection that made Sandali Tipici one of the most prestigious craft signature. Chic, comfortable, trendy and customizable, the sandals of Positano collection recreate the liveliness and uniqueness of the land where they were made for the first time, the Amalfi coast.

Mocassini Shoes

Elegant and casual at the same time, the collection of mocassins by Sandali Tipici are made by using high quality materials, in order to better enhance your daily style with an unconventional touch of Italian style.


Attention to detail and high quality leather: Sandali Tipici accessory collection completes your total look with trendy and innovative details.